Kenneth Dodge focused on the importance of cognitive processes on a person's behavior. Dodge is known for his unique system of analysis that suggests children use aggression as a method of problem solving. According to Dodge and his proponents, children go through the following six steps while problem solving:

  1. They encode a problematic event
  2. They analyze the social cues that come with the problematic event
  3. They formulate a goal of how they would like the problematic event to be resolved
  4. They formulate strategies on how to reach this goal
  5. They evaluate the potential success of each of the strategies they came up with
  6. They pick the best strategy and then enact the behavior

Besides this unique belief in children's systematic problem solving Dodge is also well known for his concept of hostile attributional bias. He explained that children with this bias tended to search for evidence of hostility directed at them (often on the defensive and appearing to be initially hostile themselves) and due to self-fulfilling prophecy generally found it- supporting their initial and often erroneous bias.

*All information on this page was derived from source number 2 found on reference page.*